As we all know, Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world. Google Chrome has in incredible web store full of extensions and themes that you can install into google chrome to re design your experience and help with productivity.

We have carefully gathered a list of what we think are the 10 best Google Chrome extensions for developers, designers or just every day users.

Bear in mind the list is in no particular order and every single extension in this list is brilliant in its own way & they are all very useful.

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Here are the 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions:

Gyazo – Grab any image on the web and share it instantly

Gyazo for Chrome is an easy-to-use extension that lets you capture anything in your browser then share it instantly and keep a visual bookmark.

Use it to capture a specific image, page element, free selection, or entire web page in only 2 clicks.

You can also get instant previews of all Gyazo links posted online simply by hovering with your mouse.

When it’s this easy you can have more fun saving, sharing, and bookmarking anything you see.

Buffer – Schedule posts to your social media pages (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)

Buffer is the best way to share great content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

This tool gives you a better way to manage social media for your business.

Buffer makes it easy to manage your business’s social media accounts. Schedule posts, analyze performance, and collaborate with your team — all in one place.

With the Buffer Chrome extension you can easily start sharing via Buffer with a single click. Buffer allows you schedule your posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+.

Honey – Never search for coupon codes again

Automatically find and apply coupon codes when you shop online!

Stop searching for coupon codes and sales.

Click on the Honey button during checkout and Honey will automatically apply coupon codes to your shopping cart.

On Amazon discover the best time to buy with price history charts and alerts when your favorite products are on sale.

Speedtest by Ookla

Take a Speedtest directly from your toolbar to quickly test your internet performance without interruption.

Take a Speedtest directly from your Google Chrome toolbar to quickly test your internet performance without interruption.

Measure how fast the pages you visit load with Web Speed.


– Get your ping, download, and upload speeds within seconds

– Measure how fast websites load


Grammarly will make sure your messages, documents, and social media posts are clear, mistake-free, and impactful.

The extension will scan your text and let you know if you have any spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes.

Adding Grammarly to Chrome means that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and nearly everywhere else you write on the web

ColorZilla – Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator

Advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker, Gradient Generator and other colorful goodies

ColorZilla, one of the most popular Firefox developer extensions with over 5 million downloads is finally available for Chrome!

With ColorZilla you can get a color reading from any point in your browser, quickly adjust this color and paste it into another program. And it can do so much more…

Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

Free Keyword search volume for 15+ websites like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Majestic, YouTube, Amazon & more

The Keywords Everywhere extension is a free SEO keyword research tool that shows you useful google keyword search volume and cost per click data on multiple websites.

This tool saves you the hassle of copying data from various websites and using the google adwords keyword planner to see relevant search volume and cpc data.

Stylish – Custom Themes For Any Website

Customise any website to your color scheme in 1 click, thousands of user styles with beautiful themes, skins & free backgrounds.

Stylish lets you style the web according to your personal taste.

  • Give Reddit a dark mode, use minimalist Facebook themes, or change the look of Google, Twitter and any of your favourite sites
  • Customise website backgrounds, color schemes, YouTube skins, fonts and even animations
  • Easily disable, enable, edit or delete any of your installed styles (themes)
  • Create your own user styles (themes) using Stylish’s CSS editor, and share it with millions of Stylish users

Pablo – Engaging Social Images In 30 Seconds

Pablo is the simplest way to create beautiful images that fit every social network perfectly.

Create images with the perfect size and format for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

Typography, font sizes and formatting options make everyone a designer! Pablo designers have created more than 500,000 images!

Dimensions – A Tool For Designers To Measure Screen Dimensions

This extension measures the dimensions from your mouse pointer up/down and left/right until it hits a border. So if you want to measure distances between elements on a website this is perfect. It doesn’t really work with images because there the colors change a lot pixel to pixel.

And that rounds the list up. I hope you learned something from reading this post. If there is an extension that you think should be on this list, please leave a comment below.

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What do you think about this list? Is there a extension here that you are going to start using?

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